Who we are.

Circassian DNA is a project that studies the history, archaeology, linguistics, and genetic makeup of Circassians.

Project responsibilities:

  • Providing an explanation of what Genetic Genealogy is and why it is important for ethnic history.
  • Giving instructions to new testers on how to perform every step of the testing process.
  • Interpreting the test results.
  • Looking for new testers and sponsors for the project.
  • Sponsoring tests for specifically selected families.

Things out of scope of project responsibilities:

  • The project does not have a laboratory and does not make DNA sequencing.
  • The project invests money in its activity but does not profit from it.

Achievements of the Circassian DNA project:

  • Covering 500+ Circassian family names with tests and providing a detailed interpretation of obtained results.
  • Finding related families between Circassia and diaspora to build bridges between us.
  • Finding and researching the past and evolution history of the Circassian nation.