Why testing with FamilyTreeDNA

Testing Big Y with FamilyTreeDNA will give information about your detailed placement on the tree of mankind. This will then help further build the tree. Testing will also expand our knowledge of our origins. Your results will help trace back to the earliest written records and beyond.

FamilyTreeDNA will assign your unique mutations their own variant names. When another test result arrives that shares one or more of your novel variants, their place on the tree of mankind will be determined. FamilyTreeDNA will then expand or refine your tree to reflect your paternal lineage. It’s possible a paternal cousin of yours has already tested, waiting for your lines to connect!

Females don’t inherit a Y chromosome. But, if you’re female, you can still explore your paternal line by asking a brother or uncle to take the test. Males carry the Y chromosome of their father’s father. This is the line that will be explored in your results. If you’re curious about your other lineages, you can ask a male relative, such as a maternal uncle, to take a Y-DNA test.

The paternal and maternal trees of humanity are available here:

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World’s largest Y-DNA Haplotree from FamilyTreeDNA.

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