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Oct 22

Why Big Y-700?

Is the Big Y-700 test worth it? The test provides full SNP coverage, a confirmed Y-DNA haplogroup, and lifetime analysis.
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Sep 22

Time Tree: A New Discover Feature

See how you connect with more than 80 000 Big Y testers, 2 000 ancient DNA samples using the new FamilyTreeDNA Discoverâ„¢ tree.
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Jul 22

Introducing FamilyTreeDNA Discoverâ„¢

Are you related to a president, astronaut, pilgrim, royalty, or an ancient Egyptian mummy? Discover more about your surname line!
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Jul 21

The Origins of Zana of Abkhazia

Zana was initially believed to have been a member of a group of Afro-Abkhazian people who lived in the Caucasus in the later 1800s. It has now been published respectful academic paper about Zana.
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Sep 20

myOrigins 3.0 Is Here!

FamilyTreeDNA is excited to bring you myOrigins 3.0 with 90 reference populations and improved methodology behind the calculations. 
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Jun 19

Big Y-700: The Forefront Of Y Chromosome Testing

In 2013, FamilyTreeDNA released the advanced Big Y test and since then analyzed 32 000 Y chromosomes in ultra-high resolution. This has allowed to identify hundreds of thousands of unique Y chromosome mutations. These mutations are the building blocks of the Y-DNA Haplotree and also known as the great family tree of all paternal lineages in the world.
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